The Team Members

Sharon Oscar

Sharon joined the team of Butterfly Recordz Inc as the business manager in September of 2016. She handles all the financial needs of the company, and works in conjunction with the artist’s manager and booking agent, and other team members to ensure a true cohesive financial plan is in place at any given time.

Sharon assists with investment strategy, contract review and negotiations, and handles all cash flow management. Sharon communicates easily with clients without being intimidated and networks within the music industry. She is the heartbeat of the company in keeping it alive and functioning.

Lydia Eudovique

Lydia Eudovique is the CEO and A&R Rep of Butterfly Recordz. She is in charge of talent scouting, and the artistic and commercial development of the recording artist. As a songwriter Lydia also helps in choosing the right songs for the artist,overseeing the recording process, and heads marketing and promoting.

Lydia continues to work closely with the artist as an advisor who helps to nurture a certain sound and image. She listens to demos, align the artist with the right producer, offers creative input, and sign’s new or established talent to the company’s roster. Lydia is seen as the Glamourous part of the label and offers only the best in the company.

Lorna Lawson

Lorna Lawson, VP and an A&R Rep of Butterfly Recordz is a singer/songwriter and vocal coach who has been in the music business for many years. She has a degree in Music Education from Florida International University where her main instrument of study was voice. She has taught the art and science of singing and vocal development to individuals, groups, choirs, and theatrical organizations.

She writes and produces music for artists as well as other industries within the entertainment world. Lorna loves working with artists and her goal is to take them to the next level by aiding them in being individually authentic as they use the musical gift and style God has given them to be a blessing to the world.